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East Anglia Autos Warranty Terms & Conditions


East Anglia Autos (EAA), will only repair/replace parts supplied by EAA for standard 12 month or 12’000 mile, parts and labour warranty.

EAA will not fit customers supplied parts, and offer any warranty on either parts or labour.

Should the rare occasion occur where you need to make a warranty claim, follow the simple steps below to aid in a successful claim.

Call EAA on 07780 573 943, or email

EAA will arrange to come and investigate the potential claim with your vehicle.

Where available EAA will always bring a replacement part.

Should the warranty claim be successful, EAA will replace any parts required and leave you to continue your journey, without paying a penny.

EAA will under no circumstances repay any money, if work has been rectified by a third-party garage.

EAA are the only people authorised to rectify any issues that occur. As soon as a third-party garage is brought into any warranty claim, this will void the claim.